Effects of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol while pregnant

Effects of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol while pregnant


The medical condition of a pregnant woman is too fragile and intakes should be filtered and chosen well. This is the time when everything that is taken in by the mother is as well taken in by the baby growing inside. The baby’s brain and vital organs developed as the day of pregnancy progresses so it is very crucial among mums who drink alcohol and smoke regularly to quit as soon as possible.

A mother’s physical attributes have stronger bones and better immune system which can be strong enough to support the body from harm brought about by vices and unhealthy behaviours. However, the foetus tends to receive everything that the mum has in the whole progression of pregnancy.

Below is the list of effects of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol while pregnant for your references.

Mental Retardation
Alcohol is passed through to the placenta. This serves as the food of the growing infant while inside the womb. Unlike the adult, the child’s immune system is very weak and has not fully developed yet so it would still be unable to break down the alcohol.

Heart Failure
A number of studies have shown mothers who occasionally drink alcohol and smokes cigarette, and the moment they give birth; either the child has heart failure or has respiratory problems which can be very difficult for their very delicate body to handle.

Behavioural Problems
Children of mothers who have been engaged in non-stop smoking and alcohol intake, behavioural issues have developed. They are either prone to aggression and they have very low attention span which makes them the object of bullying and fights.

Low IQ
Failure of the mother to take care of her ways while she is pregnant could result to having a child with very low IQ. Caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol are the nearest culprits of these cases.

This is the worst effect of continuous smoking and alcohol consumption while the mother is on the way. Due to the weaker life chances of the infant being exposed to unhealthy component brought about by the mother’s activity, there is a great chance of miscarriage.

Abnormal Features
The abnormal facial conditions and any other physical components of a child can be blamed to the mother’s behaviour during pregnancy. Engagement to alcohol and tobacco is a very bad activity as the child becomes open to the unhealthy factors which the infant can’t avoid.

The health of the mother is as important as the life of the child while inside the womb. From the very first day of conception until the baby comes out, all of the things that happens around the child is vital to the growth. A few glitches such as being involved in alcohol or smoking can cause a great deal of problems, which can even hurt the mother, other than the baby being the very victim.


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