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Preeclampsia Signs Every Pregnant Woman Should Know


Preeclampsia is one of the pregnancy health condition disorder which is life-threatening. Below we share some 5 preeclampsia signs that you should be aware of.

High blood pressure that is developing in the second and the third trimester of the pregnancy is very common and this one of the pre-eclampsia signs, that can lead to eclampsia, a serious condition that can put you and your baby at risk, and in rare cases, cause death.

What every pregnant woman should know is the possibility of developing unlikely health conditions during the pregnancy. This can put the life of both the mother and the baby at a very critical situation. Any symptoms experienced by a pregnant woman any time during the early stage should therefore be reported to doctor.

Here are a few preeclampsia signs that every pregnant woman should learn about :

Any personal or history of preeclampsia or in the family can be looked up into as a risk in the part of the pregnant woman. As much as possible, a woman should be checked on a regular basis before, during, and after pregnancy. Laboratory tests might be required at the earliest stage so as unlikely signs can be treated before it progresses.

First Conception
If a woman has gone pregnant for the first time after a long time, or at least got pregnant the first time, preeclampsia can happen. This is why medical records and health issues are backtracked by an attending OB-Gyne so as to attend to any concerns and eventually deal with it before it leads to anything unwanted.

Multiple Pregnancy
A woman’s body can appear strong but it really is delicate where multiple foetuses can be too much for the uterus to handle. With this, a health care professional’s aid would be best. Multiple pregnancies such as twins or more should be taken cared of pretty well from start of the pregnancy onwards.

Premature or Overage Pregnancy
There are cases when a woman is too young or too old to get pregnant. At an early age, the woman’s reproductive system may not have developed well just yet while at an old age the same body system may no longer be capable of holding the foetus for a longer period of time and requires external assistance.

High Blood Pressure, Obesity, and/or Diabetes
Pre-existing conditions like these is common but there are some other pregnant women who just tend to develop these medical conditions during pregnancy. These scenarios must be addressed to immediately so it does not interfere with the pregnancy stages until the baby finally comes out.

Any occurrence relative to the above facts can contribute to a pregnant women going through preeclampsia. Stroke or seizures while pregnant can be traumatic to both the mother and the child and this can lead to miscarriage, and worse, death. Premature delivery or C-Section might be necessary but early assessment and relevant care should be implemented in order to avoid such a case.


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