How to Avoid Premature Birth


Premature labour which eventually leads to premature birth can pose some risks, not only for the infant, but also for the mother. This is why health professionals such as the OB-Gyne and Pregnancy Specialist would always suggest total healthy living while in conception until a few months or years after delivery of the child. Unordinary pregnancy conditions like multiple births and having uterine or cervix complaints can lead to this.

The health of the mother and the surrounding environment plays a vital role in the progress of the foetus towards infancy. Prevention of preterm symptoms from even developing should be watched out for as it can be more difficult to hold it off when the reproductive system would let out the bump prematurely.

Here are 5 tips on how to avoid avoid premature birth:

1. Prenatal Visits
Doctors and midwives know better. They studied and practiced vital signs essential among pregnant women. It is imperative among pregnant parents to go on regular prenatal visits all throughout and a few months after pregnancy. In fact, it is also best to visit maternity clinics before and after pregnancy.

2. Flu Shots
A baby inside the mother’s womb tends to catch whatever the latter sis having. They share everything – food, fluid, nutrition and the likes. The same goes with flu and some other common household complaints like colds. This is why it is best for moms to have flu shots and other vaccines injected to protect them from catching such.

3. Weight Management
There is this middle ground for the weight of pregnant mothers. You should not be underweight or overweight as each condition poses various risks which affect the child at the same time it affects the parent. There are suggested exercise and diet essential for mothers who are in their conception stage.

4. Smoke and Alcohol Restraints
First hand and second hand smoking alike will hurt both the mother and the foetus inside her big time. The human pores close when it is exposed to harmful cigarette smoke, thus this should ultimately be avoided. The same goes with the alcohol intake. In no time it should be administered or taken in by the mother while the baby is hanging on and helplessly taking in everything the mother takes.

5. Multivitamins
Folic acid and some multivitamins may be advised among mothers. The doctors can tell which mineral or nutrition is lacking among pregnant mothers so they will try to fill out these deficiencies before it affects the child inside. Lack of vitamins and nutrients may pose unwanted diseases or health conditions to both mother and baby.

The moment a pregnant woman reaches 37 weeks, the baby is then considered full term. Anytime before that, it is premature. It is best for babies to develop full term so their chances of mortality and survival are way greater than those who cone out early. Pregnancy is something that is planned, and when it is conceived before the planning, still it is best to cope up with the health regimen necessary for both mother and infant.


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