What You Don’t Know About Morning Sickness


Pregnancy is indeed one tough stage in a mother’s lifetime. Symptoms and causes associated with such a condition include nausea and morning sickness. Although it can happen anytime of the day like around noon or during the night, this is the most common signature behaviour of every woman in conception. The thing is that there are facts not everyone knows about what exactly this is.

The technical term attributed to that nauseated scenario where a pregnant mother reacts to any sort of smell, good or bad. Here are a few things you might not know just yet about morning sickness:

  • An estimate of around 80% of pregnant women experience “Morning Sickness”.
    There had been no claims about health affected just because the pregnant mother has been having quirks about anything that smells. Any type of odour can get the mother’s digestive system turned upside down. While there are a few tips known to alleviate discomfort brought about by this case, this cannot be ultimately avoided.
  • Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) is the condition when “Morning Sickness” goes severe resulting to dehydration.
    While there had been around 1% of pregnant women diagnosed to end up having this condition, it is still best for every pregnant mother to know that hydration is still best. Water will do and small frequent feeding will suffice and as much as possible, the times when the nostrils are not that hyper would be best to do the eating.
  • Hormones boost is the reason of the “”Morning Sickness” among pregnant women.
    Various hormones relative to the pregnancy tend to power up so this tends to shock a mother’s system. The scientific explanation to these is the increase in hormonal reproduction within the woman’s body and this is results to a nauseous sensation resulting to either vomiting or producing too much saliva.
  • “Morning Sickness” usually starts from the 6th week of pregnancy until the baby is born.
    There are times when this feeling is triggered in as early as the 4th week of pregnancy and ends on the 12th to 16th week, the most common observation among pregnant women is that they get this feeling in as early as 6 weeks and this can stay until the baby is born. That is why getting pregnant is indeed a struggle and this is something that can be looked back up on as part of being a parent.

Quite like a survival reference, this can guide anybody who has been at the early part of the 9 months condition. Some may attempt to prevent this as this can be too much to handle among others. Health experts have it that this will not hurt the mother or the baby as this will just pass over time. However, it is best to know what lies behind this feeling.


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