Two Ways to Train Your Child’s Tolerance level


To achieve greater things in life requires greater tolerance. Train your child’s tolerance level with these methods.

Nowadays with better quality in life and lifestyle, younger generations lack the higher tolerance level since they can almost get what they want from their parents, be it by screaming, yelling and crying. We know that back decades ago when the parents were small, they did not have the same luxury and today, they feel like they do not want their child to deprive of the same as their parents when they were of same age. But never did they actually understand this is going to have a negative impact to your child when they grew up as an adult.









We are not advocating that you need to give the same treatment as what was being given to you from your parents. With a little creativity, you can cultivate the kid tolerance level. So imagine when your child says, Mommy/ Daddy, I want that toy car, you may reciprocate with;

  1. Immediate action to achieve outmost satisfaction – Ok, let us go and buy it now.
  2. Over-deliver to achieve outmost satisfaction – Ok, let us go and buy now plus we will buy one more toy train
  3. Pre-determine to achieve outmost satisfaction – I knew that you like to have a toy car and I have bought it earlier to keep it till today.

Above are commonly used methods, but definitely has negative effect on their tolerance level. If these methods are being used too often, kids will develop a personality; irritable temper, impatient, and possibly, greedy and arrogant.







So what methods are good for training them? The fourth and fifth ways.

So imagine again when your child says, Mommy/ Daddy, I want that toy car, you can reciprocate with;

  1. Hysteresis satisfaction – Delay the effect by telling the child to work together to finish what is supposed to be done this month (can be any tasks current tasks or assignments). Then we will get the toy next month.
  2. Giving satisfaction with conditions – Simply give the child a task (for this week, learn to write 10 new sentences and will test it on weekend. If passed, will buy the toy.

These two are the basic tolerance training for your child. We have to let them understand the meaning of tolerant and value of tolerant, to cultivate this area of habit for being tolerance to certain things. Those who have high tolerance level may achieve greater things in life. Let them know, DON’T BE IMPATIENT.

Remember this: To tolerate is not being fearful. It is a strategy, it is one sort of strategic tool to be used to work towards your goal(s).


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