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3 Tips for Parents in This Digital Age


There are times that reality do hit us. We came to realize that our children are no longer babies, and they are beginning to be independent or perhaps already have a mind of their own. There are even times when we feel like they are growing up so fast and tending to become more intelligent than we are. Especially when they are too exposed to the modern technology, they mostly know about everything and anything happening under the sun. So how can we still be good parents in this digital age?

Know the Risk.
There are a lot of threats more than just a mere click of the mouse than we could imagine. The easiest gateway for our children’s mind to be corrupted is through the internet. Also, we should consider the programs that they are watching, and be proactive in preventing them to watch those that contains violence. Sometimes even, the most innocent kiddie shows can influence the child in a wrong way. Well, that’s how perverted our world nowadays. We cannot filter everything that our children sees, but we could at least let them be aware of what’s right and wrong. Sometimes we have to treat our children as adults because eventually they will be. We have to make them understand how to have an open mind and make strong convictions.

Be in their World
It will not make us lesser of a parent if we sometimes have to step down into our children’s level. Especially, if they need to have a guidance about what they are going through in their lives. The modern age may also have ways to promote bullying digitally. We might be missing out that our children could be victims of such. That is why, it is important to look after them despite our busy schedules. Mostly, children will look for ways to fill in for our absence and, of course, that could be dangerous for them. Be in their world! Spend some time learning their favorite video game, and while doing so, you can also discuss to them their limitations. You can read together a good book that is downloaded from their tablets or e-readers. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. You won their hearts and, they will be more open to communicating with you.

Engage them in Real-life
As parents, we have a responsibility to make our children feel that the best time that they will ever have is not in front of their computers or TV screens. Instead, it’s the quality time they spend with you, their family. If they would be content in your company, there’s no technology that can break that bond that you’ll be having. They will always be excited to play and spend time with you, even just your presence would give them exhilarating joy. Do not underestimate the power of attention and care that you can give to your children, because it’s in the fact that you are the only ones who can provide them that lasting happiness.

Modern technology is meant to improve our lives, not take away the relationships that we have. We should be mindful and use them as an advantage instead letting it invade or ruin our connection with our children. Communication is indeed powerful especially if they are done in a more personal manner.


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