Martial arts for kids

Holiday activities for your child


It’s holiday season again and you could be thinking to arrange some holiday activities for your child. Depending on countries, some kids will need to help out their parents to earn extra income for the family while in developed countries like Singapore, parents may arrange some enrichment courses or classes for your kids. For parents who may want their kids to have a better starting point than the rest, we recommend to develop your kids all-rounded. Here are some ideas to consider.


Public speaking and communication skills for kids

public speaking for kids







As an adult, it is so challenging and feeling embarrassed to speak in front of a crowd or sometimes during meeting. Imagine it is so daunting your kids feeling the same way. Help your kids to develop this life skill and build their confidence when standing in front of the audience. Equip them with this lifetime skill.


Social skill development for kids

social skills development for kids





With the technology in today’s world, often, you see kids glued to smartphone/tablets, whether at home, or out of home. Well, you may think that you have strict house-rules and you do not allow your kid to reach out to smartphone or tablet. But somehow you may not have the sufficient knowledge to do teach them in the right way, because we as parents, we may not even be better at social skills. As your kid grows, he/she will be meeting and interacting new friends and peers. They will need help to interact properly with others, sometimes to overcome shyness, manage their emotions and feelings. They learn how to initiate activities with peers, willingly and the ability to do so. This will greatly help them to build the foundation to excel greater in life.


Horse riding for kids

horse riding for kids








Horse riding is an enjoyable hobby and sport. Being at the country-side letting them be closer to the nature where they can temporary stay away from smartphones and tablets. Kids will be able to develop quick thinking and coordination, by having to learn to control the animal much larger than their size. Everyday in classroom, kids tend to slouch much of the time. Horse riding helps them to develop a better posture and build their posture strength.


Archery for kids

Archery for kids





Well, don’t see archery as just shooting arrows! Archery allows your kid to learn how to focus. This is the problem with nowadays kids where they have little attention span! Also, from archery, kids learn to analyze their steps and focus on improving one thing at a time, a valuable foundation that could benefit them later life. Archers do not just stand. They are required to walk. So, apart from building their upper body muscles, they too, help build lower body strength.


Martial Arts for kids

Martial arts for kids






Do not think that if you let your kid to learn martial arts, you are opening up them into violence. In fact, beside physical health, martial arts help them to develop self-discipline, socializing skills, self-control and staying focus. Martial arts allow them to develop their quick thinking skills and to stay calm in handling situations, at the least, to stay away from bullies.

Make full use of the holiday season. Happy planning the holiday activities for your child!


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