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When everyone is getting tech savvy, it is also a high time for parents to make use of online tools and apps to deal with the challenges we face as parents. Fortunately, there are many online parenting tools that can help parents in keeping check on their kids growing nutrition needs, education and even scheduling trips, study and other children related activities.

5 Best Online Parenting Tools

To make it easier for our readers, we have listed 5 of the best online parenting tools in the list below.

  1. Volunteer Spot
    Singapore wants its citizens to have more kids. If you are following country’s direction, you may need an excellent scheduling tool for managing the paper work, school meetings or group activities for all of your kids. This is where Volunteer Spot can come handy. The web based online tool is also available in the form of app for mobile devices. You can have automatically reminders for every scheduled item along with an access to smart eCalendar.
  1. Learning Bird
    If you are trying to teach kids in different grades, it can be a mess. Especially for working parents, it is often impossible to keep track of their kids education or to help them in studies. Fortunately, this interactive award winning education tool helps parents to keep track of their educational progress. Not only that, but it is all equipped to enable your kids to study on their own without any external health. Even when kids can take advantage of videos, worksheets, slideshows and even educational songs to study on their own, busy parents can track their progress through emails and progress reports.
  1. Artkive
    Are you finding it hard to throw away all the art work created by your little kids due to storage problem? There is a way to keep all the hard work without turning your home into a mess. We call it a digital way, through Artkive. You can not only store all of your kids art work in the form of images, but you can also create books out of them and store and categorized them under different themes. A must have online tool and mobile app for parents with kids who love to draw and have an interest in artwork.
  1. Nourish Interactive
    It is time to keep track of your kid’s nutrition needs, one of the most important aspects of parenting but often neglected due to our busy schedules. The website is filled with many online tools and apps for smart devices to calculate growing nutrition needs of your kids. It also comes up with effective solutions with information about foods for kids, healthy recipes and nutrition offered with each food. It also hosts an informational blog for parents who want to learn more about nutrition.
  1. Aha! Parenting
    Another good online tool and blog that helps parents, especially young parents with daily dose of tips and advice about parenting. The informational website is a good resource for raising kids of different ages. Its dedicated online tool comes up with book recommendations according to the needs of parents.

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