Food left overs

Exciting Meals Made from Food Left-Overs


It’s the holiday season and the time to feast again! During this time, chances of having a container or two of left-overs in the fridge are very common. Before you decide to toss them in trash because you will never get to eat it again. Let our chefs help you to ‘upcycle’ them, and turn them into new exciting meals that you and your family will love.

Here are some left over-make over ideas that could wow your household:

  1. Roast Chicken can be turned into either a chicken pot pie, chicken salad sandwiches, chicken salads, enchiladas, chicken wraps, and even soup.
  2. Left-Over Turkey can be used to make turkey meat pie, turkey Bolognese, Turkey Wraps, Turkey Crème Soup, Grilled turkey with Brie Cheese Sandwich, turkey chili, and as protein for salads.
  3. Ham – Could be used for turn overs, pot-pies, omelets, frittatas, casseroles, soups, homemade pizza, and even sandwiches.
  4. Grilled pork – Can be used in pulled pork sandwiches, pot pies, turn-overs, and soups.
  5. Beef – Can be used in frittatas, shepherd’s pie, chili con carne, and in making turn-overs.
  6. Rice – Can be mixed with any left-over meat to make a variation of yang chow fried rice, chicken and rice soup, rice pudding, and rice toppings for sautéed meals.
  7. Bread – can be used for puddings, as breading for breaded recipes, homemade pizza, croutons for soups, and French toast.
  8. Left-over cheese can be used for omelets, fondues, quesadillas, cheese pudding, and even to top pastas like mac and cheese, soups, and other dishes.
  9. Vegetables especially can be either blended into a creamy soup, recycled as a siding, or could be made into a clear broth soup; fresh ones meantime can be incorporated into salads, or some could even be juiced for drinking or made into smoothies.
  10. Fish – can be turned into fish patties or fish cakes, could be a good topping for fried rice, and soup chowder.
  11. Other Seafood – Can be used in soups like seafood chowder, crab cakes, salad toppers, and can be used in pastas as well.
  12. Hard-Boiled Eggs – can be made into salads toppers, sandwich spreads, deviled eggs, or could be plainly eaten as a snack.

Now that you have at least an idea on how to upcycle any left-over in your home, exercise creativity and your cooking skills in giving a make-over to these left-overs, and save money while you are at it.


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