Taking Care of A Newborn Baby: Feeding, Swaddling and Bathing


First time parents might have a hard time dealing with their newborns, especially when they don’t have a clue where to begin. Here is a guid on how to care for a newborn on their everyday needs.

  1. Feeding
    • Breastfeeding may look easy, but it takes a lot of practice to make it right. First, position the baby on the side facing the mother.
    • Prop up the head with a pillow, if needed to be able to hold her up to the breast.
    • Place thumb and forefinger around the areola.
    • Tilt back the baby’s head slightly and try to stimulate the lips with the nipple to make it open wide.
    • Aid the baby in scooping the nipple inside the mouth by placing the lower jaw below the nipple first.
    • Then, tilt her head forward while placing the upper jaw deep on the breast.
    • Make sure she takes the entire nipple in and about 1 1/2 inches of the areola.
  2. Swaddling a baby
    • Place the blanket so that it is shaped like a diamond, with one corner pointing towards you.
    • Fold the top part to about a quarter of the way towards the center of the blanket.
    • Put the baby on the blanket with her back on it, while putting her head above the fold of the blanket. It is more snuggly if the baby is tied with her arms tightly beside her.
    • Just make sure, the binding is not as tight at the leg part, so the legs can move freely.
  3. Bathing the baby
    • Sponge bath
      • This is recommended for the first week of life, use a warm, damp sponge cloth to wipe the baby’s face, hands and genitals as frequent as possible.
    • Bath tub
      • Set the room into a temperature that is warm enough, so the baby will not get chilled.
      • Gather all bathing necessities, first. Ready the baby’s towel, diaper and clothes.
      • Use a plastic baby tub and fill it with warm water of about 3 inches.
      • Next, undress the baby. Put the baby in the tub gradually by placing the feet first.
      • Support the neck and head while scooping water to wash the other body parts.
      • Wet her scalp with a wet cloth. Include wiping the rest of the body from front to back, including the genitals.
      • When you’re done, carefully lift the baby out of the tub, while supporting her head, neck and bottom. It also helps to hold the baby securely by holding the thigh. Put the baby on a dry towel to be dressed afterwards.
      • If you find these hard to do on your own, make sure you ask somebody to help you out.

These are some of the most common newborn care problems that new parents know nothing about. This guide will hopefully help you to be independent in caring for your child.


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