Six benefits of baby wearing


Baby wearing may be one of the more recent parenting trends in the last couple of years, but for some cultures, especially indigenous ones, baby wearing is a normal part of motherhood. The many benefits of baby-wearing are countless for both the mother and the baby.

Nowadays, parents are given a variety of choices on how to “wear” their babies. They could choose from various types of carries like the sling, the wrap, the pouch, and then the soft carriers or backpacks. Whatever carrier a parent may choose, one thing is certain, she and her baby are in for a lot of advantages.

Here are a few:

  1. Baby-wearing lessens the baby’s fussing and crying – Wearing the baby, especially newborns, give them the familiar feeling of being close to their mothers. After nine months of staying inside his mother’s womb, virtually being with her while she does everything that she has to do, it is a shock for a baby to be suddenly separated from his mom.And since baby-wearing makes infants feel everything that the mother does, including his breathing, she can most likely hear or feel the heartbeat, and of course breathe in the familiar scent of his mom, the baby becomes calmer, and less fussy.
  2. Baby-Wearing gives the baby more chances to explore. One of the many benefits of baby-wearing is that the baby gets exposed to sounds, sights, colors, people, and these external factors stimulate his brain. Unlike his counterparts who do not get carried around, babies who are worn by their mothers or caregivers get to explore the world around them. They also become more sociable as they also get exposed to other people, as well as their voices and facial expressions.
  3. Baby-wearing further fosters the bond of the mother and the child. The mother and the child becomes all the more attached to each other when the baby is worn. The emotional bond they formed when the baby was still inside the womb, gets continued further as the baby gets to be near his mother all the time. The mother gets to kiss, touch, embrace, sing, snuggle up, and talk to her baby anytime, all the time.
  4. Baby Wearing Promotes a better breastfeeding relationship – another benefit of baby wearing is that the baby can breastfeed anytime he wants. Carriers, especially the ring sling, helps the mother breastfeed without having to hold her baby – and she can do it while walking, or while going about her daily chores.
  5. Baby-wearing allows the mother to do things that she has to do. A lot of new mothers would say that they cannot get anything done because the baby wants to be held all the time. With baby-wearing, the mother can go about her usual house chores while entertaining her baby.
  6. Baby-wearing helps mothers shed post-partum pounds. Carrying around the weight of your baby also helps in burning calories, which in turn helps in losing all those excess post-partum weight.

Baby-wearing is not just a trend. It is being done for the longest time in other cultures. It does not spoil the baby because as studies show, it actually makes for a more alert, happier, and calmer baby. Time flies by so fast, the longest that babies get to be in the carriers or slings is up to toddlerhood. It is now up to the parents if they want to take advantage of the unlimited snuggling, baby-wearing brings.


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