Why babies cry

Baby Is Crying A Lot


At times it could be frustrating that we don’t really know why the baby is crying a lot. You are at your wits end and you don’t know how you could calm the baby down. Here’s some tips to you.

Well, you should know that the baby was previously residing from the womb. You could create a similar environment, where he or she could found familiarity and perhaps, comfort too.

Let’s start off with creating the environment, the womb. Calmly hold your baby close to your chest or shoulder, which gives the baby the close and warmth feel. Wrap your baby in a blanket or towel. Remember how towards the end of pregnancy when the baby was out in a towel.

You could quietly sing a song or try talking softly to your baby. You can also try to play some calm music. Just imagine when the baby was in a womb, the sounds that he or she heard, were soft, calm and comforting.

You could also try quietly rock your baby or go for a quiet walk. Before your baby is born, he or she was basically floating all the time, and the womb shielded the baby from noises.

If most failed, do not be disheartened. Sometimes it is just how uncomfortable the baby will be. They may just cry till to sleep, but definitely, don’t be hesitant to comfort the baby whenever you can. Some parents may think that this will spoil the baby. At this period, they do not know how to communicate other than just crying. So it is perfectly fine to comfort when the baby is crying, knowing that someone (parents) is with them, and they will feel calm after some time.

As a parent, do not get upset or tense, which the baby is able to feel that, if you are! Be patient with the baby. But if your baby is crying a lot, which is too much for you to handle, seek help. Talk with a friend or relative who has been through this, or call your pediatrician.


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