baby lying on bed

What to do when your baby falls off bed by accident


It happens even to the best of parents, and yet most could not help but blame themselves when their baby accidentally falls off the bed or couch, while on their watch.

But what can parents do really, should an accident like this happen in the home?

Your baby can fall off either relatively low surfaces like a bed or a couch, or a really high one like a table, diaper changing area, kitchen counter, or high chair. While falling off the bed or the couch is less threatening, it is still important to check on your baby immediately after the fall.

So what do you do when your baby falls off bed?

After picking-up and calming your baby lay him on a soft surface and undress him to assess all parts of her body for injury or bleeding. Start with the head and see if there are any bumps or deformity in the scalp area.

Observe if he is bleeding especially in the nose or the ear as this may signify a possible skull fracture. Take also a closer look at his eyes, especially the pupils as changes in there as well as unusual eye movements may point to a possible brain injury. Prioritize this step if your baby dropped on a hardwood floor head first. If any of these are observed, rush to the emergency room to have your baby treated.

If all is well in the head area, examine the rest of his body, his limbs, his extremities for deformations, or possible wounds that may be bleeding. Observe as well if he is crawling, in pain, or is walking unusually. If you have noticed a deformation or something unusual with the way he moves then he may have sustained a fracture which needs emergency medical treatment. Observe if he is in pain when moving, and where is the pain coming from. If there is anything wrong then rush to the ER for urgent care.

Lastly, observe your child if he becomes very dizzy, sleepy, irritable, or there are sudden changes in the way he talks or acts. If he is inconsolable and does not seem to stop screaming and crying, he may have sustained an internal injury, which needs immediate checking.

If your child is lucky enough not to have sustained any of the above- mentioned danger signs, just continue observing in the next 24 hours. If all is well, move on, do not beat yourself up too much, and just make sure that you will do what it takes for it not to happen again.


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