Parents’ Awareness: How to know if there’s something wrong with your child


If there is something strange going on with your child, as parents, you will be the first one to notice it. Simply because you are a parent, you don’t have to be a medical professional or a scientist to know, you just know. We have all been given that instinct so that we may know if our child is not feeling well, or even if there’s anything that they’ve been feeling or perhaps wanted to tell us about.

Should I be worried?
Observe your child, a change in behavior, gestures or manner of speaking are just some of the indication that there may be something different with your child. However, not all differences are signs of a disorder. There is a possibility that the child was just having the usual developments in growing up, it just happens that the difference is evident. You can also ask them, but you have to make sure that you will carefully in choosing your words because there might be cases that they won’t understand you, or they will be hesitant to say what they really feel or if there’s anything that is bothering them.

It is confirmed, how will I deal about it?
Treat your child as usual, so they won’t get confused and be bothered to think that they are different. However, you have made sure to handle them with more care and put much attention to them. Give them that sense of security and comfort, they might just be going on a particular stage, but it will eventually pass. Show them all your love and support, in that way they won’t feel inadequate despite the situation that they are going through.

You should find a professional partner.
Treating or curing a child with special needs, should be done by both parents and a medical professional to make sure that all needs are indeed met. It would be hard for us parents to accept that our child isn’t normal, but we have to face that reality in able to help our child as well. Because if we will only deny it, the risk and danger would be more about the child.  We have to make them as our priority, again, it may not be a permanent condition so it won’t hurt to give it your best time and attention, if it will be for the sake of your child.

Having a child with Down syndrome, autism or any other health and mental disorders will not make you lesser of a parent. Thus, your parenting role will abound because, unlike normal kids, they need more immediate care and attention. Be open with the possibility that they may not recover and their condition may be for long term. In the first signs of it, make sure to observe your child right away, also seek help from the professionals. It should be ignored, because you might be able to help preventing it. It won’t be easy for sure, but we have to put in mind that they are our children, which were gifts for us, we have the sole responsibility to love them unconditionally.


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