Health reasons for Breastfeeding


The limitless benefits of breastfeeding do not stop at the ultimate health and nutrition the milk gives to both the mother and the child. It extends farther than that. Every mother is expected to ensure safety and holistic well-being to every child they bear, and this need not be expensive. As long as the human breast produces milk, a lot of great possibilities can happen, and one of this is, is the possibility that breastfeeding can treat dreadful diseases, even leukaemia.

A rough estimate of around 19% of observed breastfeeding women have shown the lowered tendency of developing leukaemia, and that is based on just 6 months complete breastfeeding. Mothers in some countries even managed to breastfeed for up to more than 2 years so milk production is not supposed to be a big problem. Here is how breastfeeding can cure leukaemia:

Disease-Fighting Antibodies
Natural antibodies comes with every drop of breast milk and these same are responsible for fighting disease carriers which normally triggers fragile systems such as that of the child. The nutritional value of the human milk serves as wall guard of the body against dreaded diseases since birth onwards.

Ultimate Nutrition Mixture
There is such a wonderful combination of proteins, vitamins, and minerals that works together in making the child well-protected so it survives the harsh world, both from environmental threats and hard core malnutrition.  The said mixture of nutrition is enough to improve the then weak systems of the little bundle.

Antibacterial Components
All sorts of viruses and bacteria pose a risk at the health of the child. Paediatric leukaemia is a common disease that most children who never breastfeed suffers. This is why there had been such claims about this manner of feeding children being the nearest and the most possible prospect to at least prevent blood cancer, and similar scenarios, if not to treat it.

Physical Closeness
Imagine the bond the mother and the child shows every time the former breastfeeds the latter. It is as close to ultra connection which seems to be as passionate as the blood being transfused from a parent towards the offspring, just in a warm and relaxing way. This, in itself, enables the blood flow from both parties being fluid.

Sudden Infant Death Prevention
Cases of sudden infant death occur due to careless monitoring of a feeding child. When a mother breastfeeds, it would be impossible for her to do some other things. The tendency is that she is all eyes to the child she’s feeding. When bottle feeding on the other hand, hazardous incidents can take place.

The advantages of breastfeeding are tipping off the disadvantages so there should be no reason for a capable mother to deny her child the perfect protection against any illnesses unknown. There had been no specific record about these claims but it is pretty obvious as to how likely cancer cells will not produce and dwell in a well-protected infant body.


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