Ovulation eggs

Ovulation and signs of ovulation


Ovulation simply is the journey of eggs from the ovaries via the fallopian tubes into the uterus where its now available to meet the one true sperm that will fertilize it. Think of the egg as the queen and she wont wait long buddy. It is available for fertilization for around 24-48 hours depending on each person and the quality of the egg. If you are lucky, you catch this window, or else the egg disintegrates and is followed by our most favorite monthly aunt flow.

As complex as the whole process may sound, there are some really simple pointers that you can look out for:

  • The norm is day 14. This is rarely true for all the women in the world. Many women ovulate earlier than 14 days and many do post the 14-day mark. So ease your mind and be open to the idea of your ovulation day being anywhere in the middle of your cycle. Find out your ovulation period with our ovulation calculator.
  • Not every woman has the clear egg white slippery discharge. Sometimes its just opaque and watery. Don’t get lost in too many details and waste your time looking for the exact stretchy clear and transparent fertile discharge. Your body is not following a text book and neither should you.
  • Let nature guide you. During ovulation, a woman feels sexier and also brighter and outgoing; like a new surge of energy. It’s subtle, but if you pay attention, you will start noticing these things about yourself. Afterall its nature’s cue for you to try for a baby.
  • Breast tenderness: don’t think Pre-period tenderness but something slightly less aggressive and faint.

Since there is a change in the hormones during ovulation, you will experience moodiness and irritation associated with it. These may not be obvious in the first month, but over time you will identify it.

Many women stress over getting the date and day right. This would kill the whole baby-making dance. Give yourself 6 months to try naturally and with no added tension about ovulation kits, SME plans etc. Take baby steps like incorporating supplements in your diet, eating right, drinking loads of water and eating foods that help in producing more vaginal secretions such as pineapple, grapefruit etc. They will make you feel like you are doing your part without the added stress of tests.

In addition to eating right, it would be advisable and helpful to get a routine check up done before you start planning just to ensure your body is fit and ready. Anemia and high glucose are among other reasons that hinder conception and may affect the quality of the egg.


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