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How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant


Pregnancy is quite a struggle in some of the couples, although the number of children in some countries balloons year over year. For some, this is not planned, while for others, this is a miracle. Conception, and eventually having a foetus grow bigger and bigger as months forward, can be an extremely anticipated event in a family life, especially for newly married pairs who aim to have a child the soonest possible time.

In some cases, wanting a child so much can make the couple sort to things even unexpected. As long as pregnancy happens, nothing binds the mindset of the parents as to what measures they are willing to take just so a child can be born of them in the next few years. Here are some ways observed to have increased chances of getting pregnant:

  • Weight Management
    Keeping a close monitoring of the weight of both couples is crucial as careless consumption of just anything available can produce fats which may block the hormones essential during ovulation, and eventually, pregnancy. This is why appropriate weight should be kept on scale each time.
  • Alcohol Watch
    Whatever the woman is taking in, solid or fluids, it all affects conception and similar process associated with pregnancy. So when you are one of those who are trying to increase chances of getting pregnant, you should watch closely your alcohol intake as this can hinder your goal of conceiving due to hyperactivity of hormones which contribute to successful ovulation.
  • Off Smoking
    Smoking tends to close off some pores which then become equivalent to suffocating the healthy cells of the smoker. As a result, the system which is associated with pregnancy is either hindered of blocked. It is therefore imperative for the couple to stop smoking or generally avoid second-hand smoke when the goal is to have the woman pregnant.
  • Pre-ovulation Intercourse
    There is this fertility window that most obstetricians and gynaecologists call, and this is the time of around 6 days before the woman’s regular ovulation period. 3 days before the said ovulation, an intercourse can likely increase chances of pregnancy.
  • Frequent Sex
    There is no harm in trying so as long as the couple are comfortable in having sex, they can do so anytime they feel like doing so. This is the best way for any pair to conceive and successfully get the woman pregnant during the process. The more sex, the greater chances that the woman will conceive.

The fulfilment of marriage, a partnership, and starting a family starts with having a child, and all these will not happen when the woman in the said family never gets pregnant. Unless child adoption happens, having a family will not be a possibility without the mother conceiving. Above may be effective or not, but it would all depend on the natural course of conception.


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