Can a HIV Positive Mother Breastfeed Her Child?

5 crazy conception ideas revealed


For the sake of getting pregnant, various old wives tales has been tried both by men and women. For some reasons, there are those who got successful and eventually got pregnant, while there are also some who never stopped trying and keep on working things out in order to finally conceive. As long as the goal to have a biological child is achieved.

Now, whether you are doing some unusual sex positions, you are taking the most unusual of medications, and whether you are brewing all sorts of herbs just so you will turn out positive of pregnancy, you surely are not alone. Here are 5 crazy conception ideas, revealed:

After Sex Leg Lift
The pressure is always with the woman. Now after sex, rumours have it that she should not move at all so the sperm can focus on its track towards meeting the egg and the both of them can settle safely in the ovary. If the woman moves, there is a chance the sperm will lose focus. To do so, the leg should be lifted up high.

Libido Boost With Alcohol
Contrary o the belief that alcohol is not good when one is trying to conceive, there is this crazy concept about both parties having a toast of alcoholic drink before they get the night through. A good boost of the sexual libido is possible with so both will be inspired in their goal to get the woman pregnant.

Adopting Another Baby
As if in a truce, a couple who are not having any luck at having their own baby, regardless of the years they’ve been together doing constant sex and trying all the unusual positions they can think of, is advised to adopt a baby. This is so far like bait as after a while, the woman really conceives with their own offspring.

No After Sex Pee
Claims have it that when a woman wants to get pregnant but she always pees right after sex, the sperm gets washed down along with the piss. This is where the concept that holding off the pee will allow the sperm to continue meeting the egg and successfully make it to the ovary as the start of conception.

Sex With Socks On
If you can’t imagine a couple doing it without any clothes on but socks – both of them. This is kind of off the record but there really are couples who would try this as there is no harm in trying anyway. As long as conception happens, why not?

The list may sound crazy, but daring couples have indeed tried them. Now, that would be up to you whether you would try these but one thing is for sure about getting pregnant. Stay healthy, maintain a vice-free lifestyle, and exercise on a regular basis. You can as well speak with your physician and hear some advice as to how fast you can conceive when you feel you badly need to.


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