abortion risks you must know

7 abortion risks you must know


Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy before the age of viability and may happen spontaneously or through pharmacological or surgical means. Whether the abortion happened naturally or not, the dangers of this procedure still lurk.

We list 7 of the most common abortion risks and complications below for your information.

  1. Abruptio Placenta This condition is described as having the placenta torn away from the uterine wall, thereby causing profuse bleeding that may sometimes lead to death if not managed quickly. The women who had had an abortion will most likely have a recurrence of abruptio placenta in their other pregnancies.
  2. Infertility A woman can suffer infertility years after an abortion. It is sometimes due to an incomplete abortion, wherein some fetal parts are still left inside the mother’s womb. The membranes will eventually start to decay as time progresses that will lead to an infection which can affect the organs’ ability to reproduce.
  3. Uterine Perforations Uterine perforations commonly occur due to the usage of intrauterine devices that may cause injuries to the surrounding blood vessels. This can lead to severe hemorrhaging, infections and even sepsis. The problem with this condition is that it is often diagnosed and left untreated too.
  4. Psychological And Mental Complications Miscarriages and even abortions that were done deliberately can still cause a massive impact on the psychological and mental health of the mother. There would be bouts of depression, feelings of regret, anger, shame, feelings of guilt, eating disorders and other negative emotions.
  5. Placenta Previa Placenta previa is a medical condition during pregnancy wherein the placenta lies on the lower segment of the uterus. This condition can lead to vaginal bleeding. This is often associated with painless, bright red vaginal bleeding. At first, the bleeding will be minima, l but it may worsen yo a much more severe bleeding, when the area of placental separation increases. Placenta previa can be diagnosed through undergoing ultrasound examinations.
  6. Cancers Of The Breast A disruption of the normal levels of hormones which is caused by an abortion may lead to the development of certain breast cancers. It is believed that an imbalance of certain female hormones, like estrogen, progesterone and prolactin, can lead to breast cancer.
  7. Death Abortion is one of the leading causes of death. It may be as a result of anesthesia, embolism, ectopic pregnancies that were undiagnosed, bleeding and infections. Abortion deaths happen on legal or illegal abortions alike, so death can be inevitable in both such cases.

Before you even start to think of having an abortion, always think of the risks and complications that lie ahead and before you start regretting the choices you have made. Remember that when abortion is performed, there is no turning back.


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