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5 Threats to male fertility you might not know


Infertility among some men can likely be due to various factors like minimal sperm or zero sperm count, ejaculation issues, and unusual sperm production. Sperms are proven to have a short life span and can be prone to quick malformation. Every man and woman requires good health to conceive and eventually have a child.

In most cases, married couples who do not have a child on their first year of being married starts to worry, so they undergo assessment whether or not any of the two is infertile. Research has shown that around 10% of the total male population suffers from infertility and these have been brought about by varied threats. Here are some of them:

Poor Diet

Malnutrition or lack of essential nutrients can cause a man to be infertile. Eating unhealthy diet and beverage can produce bad results where the man’s capability to reproduce is either hindered or becomes impossible at some point in time. Thus, healthy diet is the best thing every man can do to ensure fertility.

Existing Medication

Men who are have been diagnosed with a disease and is currently on existing medication can have difficulty conceiving. Anti-fungal drugs and medications are either stopping the reproductive organ to produce healthy sperms which can eventually meet the female’s egg to reproduce after some process.

Testosterone Deficiency

Heredity or issue of testosterone deficiency can be one reason of a male’s fertility being threatened. As a result, after a series of tests, upon learning of the existing condition, both parties can work on a few things such as having regular treatment and eventually take medicines relevant to the complaint.


The male’s lifestyle such as smoking or alcohol engagement can be something that is threatening to his fertility. When one is always seated on a hot vehicle like in the case of driving, it is likely for the man to be advised to rest and eventually for the conception to happen, especially when it is something being looked forward into.

Testes Injury

Any incident that happened in the past where your reproductive organ has been hit or damaged can likely be a threat to your fertility. This is why it is extremely important to be treated right away when this thing happens so as to minus the chance of being infertile moving forward.

The male work or home environment is great contributing factors to put male’s fertility at risk. The usual way of life may appear harmless but unless assessed, no one can tell how much infertility can cause both to the man and the partner, especially when they have been longing to produce a biological child. These threats can be avoided but and this should be understood each time, all the time.


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