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3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cebu with Your Kids


Cebu, a province Island in Philippines is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. Known for its alluring beauty and exciting sights this tourist spot offers a lot for the whole family. From man-made attractions to naturally beautiful beaches, it has something to offer for the perfect family vacation for you and your children. Here are three valid yet exciting reasons why Cebu is a MUST visit for you and your children:

Beaches and Resorts

There are a number of beaches and resorts at Cebu which offer quality fun-in-the-sun time for the whole family. Shangri-La Hotel Beach Resort & Spa, Cebu Family Beach is one of the finest resorts on the Island. It offers various activities for adults and children alike. Kids of all ages as well as teenagers can spend time in the “Adventure Zone” while the adults can simply sit back and take advantage of the various spa and health club facilities.

Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort & Spa, Cebu Family Beach is another resort which offers engaging activities for the whole family. Kids can have a fun filled frenzy in the Magical Waterpark and Captain Hook’s Pool. For the adults the resort offers the Cabana Lounge and the Rejuvenating Spa facilities.

Maribago Bluewater Resort, Cebu Family Beach has water filled fun for the whole family. Wildlife Lagoon, Water Sports, delicious cuisine, this place has all the makings of a well-rounded family vacation.

Various other resorts like Movenpick Resort & Spa, Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel,Pulchra Resort all have fun filled activities for the whole family.

Heritage Sites and Museums

Cebu has a lot to offer if you’re looking to instill a love of history in your children. Various heritage sites in this area such as Lapu-Lapu Shrine, Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, Yap Sandiego Ancestral House and Cebu Heritage Monument. These sites can give young children insight into history and prove to be a memorable yet educational experience for the whole family.

Museums like Carcel de Cebu, Cathedral Museum, Casa Gorordo Museum and San Carlos Museum are equipped to take children down the memory lane and show them the rich heritage of Cebu Island. Visiting these places is bound to add to the educational experience of children and help them understand diversity like never before.


Cebu plays host to Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary which has over 40,000 migratory birds. Adults and children alike can marvel at the beauty of these birds and gain in depth knowledge about their habitat here. Crocolandia is a nature conservation center park which houses rare species of birds, lizards, owls, turtles, squirrels and many more. Kids are bound to love looking at these animals and having one on one encounters with them. The Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary over 50 species of butterflies which children can see fluttering around. Visitors can walk around the garden and watch these butterflies in their natural habitat. The tour also consists of a lecture to introduce tourists to the various species and entertain their queries.

Cebu with Kids? Definitely!

All these reasons should be enough to convince you that Cebu is in fact the perfect haven for you and your children if you are looking to spend quality time as family. Cebu has something to offer for everyone which is why no one can get bored on a vacation to this exotic, fun filled island.


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