post delivery care for mother

Post Delivery Care for Mother


Childbirth is a very exhausting ordeal for the new mother. The post-partum period is a period of adjustment and involves emotional and physical changes that she has to undergo. She would need plenty of rest and a lot of help from the people around her in order to recuperate.

  1. Plenty of rest
    • In the first weeks, it is important that the mother is relieved of all of the responsibilities except for feeding and personal care.
    • Sleep every time the baby sleeps. Babies tend to have different body clocks, so in order to keep up, the mother has to take naps in between as well.
    • Introduce bottle feeding to your baby a few weeks after, so someone else can do the feeding especially at nighttime.
    • If visitors are around, don’t feel obligated to entertain. If you sleepy, excuse yourself and take that much needed rest.
  1. Nutrition
    • Include grains, fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy in your diet. These should help you to recover and gain your strength, fast so you can take care of your baby. Nutrition is very important, especially in breastfeeding mothers too. Remember, that whatever you eat your baby eats it too through your breast milk.
  1. Get some help
    • Help from a family member, like your mother or aunt is necessary, especially in the first few weeks. To gain your strength fast, you need to be relieved of your responsibilities at home, such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping, and delegate it someone more capable as of the moment.
  1. Exercise
    • To get the body in its pre-pregnant state, exercise should be a routine after childbirth as long as you are able. Do abdominal exercises to get your tummy back in shape. To tighten your birth canal muscles, you can do Kegel exercises. The Kegel exercise is done when you are trying to stop in the middle of urinating. But of course, you do it when you’re not peeing. Running and walking are also good exercises for the whole body. If you feel pain while doing these exercises, you may consult a health care provider.
  1. Possible postpartum disorders
    • There is a possibility that a mother may feel a little “blue”right after childbirth.  Fluctuating hormone levels can be a reason that a new mother can feel depressed. The feelings of irritability, crying episodes, fatigue, loss of appetite or overeating are normal and are likely to go away after a few weeks. If these lingering feelings still persist until then and you feel even more depressed that you want to harm the baby, then you need to call professional help. Postpartum depression is serious, but a treatable condition.

It is important to look out for yourself. Your baby needs you more than ever, they are helpless creatures and they need their mother strong, healthy and happy always.


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