limitation to parenting

Is there a limitation in being a parent?


How will you know if you have gone too far as per disciplining your children? Or perhaps upon taking care of them? Is there an excessive kind of caring or disciplining? Our primary purpose is to make sure that our children are well-guided, for them to grow up as good individuals. However, unknowingly, instead of doing so we might be pushing them to become otherwise.

The difference among an authoritative, authoritarian and permissive parent.

An authoritative parent has explicit prospects and consequences and is tender toward his or her child. The authoritative parent permits for versatility and collaborative predicament solving with the child when it comes to handling and dealing with behavioral difficulties. It is the suggested most effective way of parenting.

On the other hand, the authoritarian parent has apparent anticipations and consequences but unlike the authoritative parent, show less affection towards the child. When approached by their kids they have a tendency to say, “because I say so”, or “because I’m the mother/father”. They posed a higher position above their children. This is viewed as a lesser effective strategy of parenting.

A permissive parent displays lots of affection toward his or her child but gives limited discipline. Yes, considerably they can be tagged as the spoilers. They are the ones who usually gives in to most of their children’s demands. This is believed as the least effective style of parenting.

As parents, we are also human beings, so yes we have our limitations. First, as per our patience, kids can be so stubborn at times that you feel like throwing them out of the window just to get rid of them. However, even we only have the last drop of our patience we have to make sure that the least that we’ll do is to hurt them. We still have to be careful with our words and in the manner of how we deliver them. Sometimes our good intention is being taken otherwise, make them understand why you sometimes get angry and why there should consequences for what they have done wrong. We should not let the situation control us, but rather we should always take control over the situation.

When it comes to responsibilities, we can just do enough and we have to accept that. Sooner or later the kids will have their own lives. They will grow up and will be solely responsible for their actions and decisions. Let us not go overboard and make the decisions and worst actions for them. You might be mistaken to be too nosy, sometimes our excessive concerns are efforts put into waste because admit it they won’t bother to listen.

Parents should have a balanced mind-set even when kids are still young. We should know our limitations as parents, thus, not using this as an excuse not to show care or affection at all.


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