Bond with your kids with the movie titles

Movies that Parents and Children should Watch Together


When choosing movies to watch with your children, you should consider these 2 factors: Pick a movie that would catch their interest and let them behave for its entire duration. Another is the kind of movie that has a moral, that would be instilled in their minds and, therefore, they will remember until they become adults. It’s just natural for them to see usual kiddie movies, most are animated but when they grow up, the lesson that they got from a memorable movie is what they will bring in their memories. Here are some good movies that you can enjoy together.

Toy Story (trilogy)
These 3 movies have a balanced subject for adventure, friendship, the importance of family and letting go. It may sound too much for a cartoon, but having that realized when you’ll watch it as an adult will be a beneficial experience that you can share with your kids. Of course you wouldn’t expect that kind of depth from them as to how they would take the movie, but you can easily guide them through the grasp of these lessons.

The Incredibles (2004)
The Incredibles movie is a story of a family of superheroes, and that alone brings a big action and playful visuals that kids love. But the highlight of the story focuses on how a family can accomplish things when they do it together. Yes, they may not be able to get that message at their young age, but you can always explain it to them relating it to the part of the story when the Incredible family fought altogether and defeat their enemy.

Mary Poppins (1964)
It is one of the classic movies that never fails to bring happiness to each families’ home. The songs, dances and just the overall magical production will sure make your children glued on their seats. If you are also having them babysit during office hours this movie could also teach them how important it is to respect the person who is looking after them when you are not around.

Kung Fu Panda (2008)
Kung Fu Panda is a very inspiring movie not just for kids, but also for adults. Again, they may not have view it that way but you can make them understand beyond what they’ve watched. It mainly gives a message how powerful it is to believe in oneself and fighting for your dreams no matter what. Aside from it the movie is a lot of fun, you would surely have a fair share of good laughs here.

Finding Nemo (2003)
Finding Nemo is also one of the most beautiful animated films from Pixar. The misadventure of a kid fish brought about by his curiosity and stubbornness will surely bring your child a good lesson. It would also show them how far a parent can sacrifice just to make sure of his or her child’s safety.

There you go! There’s a lot more to this list, but for now those are the best picks that you and your kids will surely enjoy watching. Just a reminder don’t get quicker to get emotional than your kids because you might scare them off.


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