disadvantages of breastfeeding

7 disadvantages of breastfeeding


If breastfeeding has a lot of advantages and major health benefits, it also has its share of disadvantages.

Here are seven of the disadvantages of breastfeeding.

Diet prohibitions
What you eat is what your baby eats too, through your breast milk. So, you always have to watch out what you eat or else it might give your baby some food allergies. Also, you can’t take alcohol, even if you were dying to do so, because it might cause mental retardation in your child. Always eat healthy and anything that your baby might benefit from.

Bacterial and viral infections may be passed on to your baby through your breast milk. If you have HIV without knowing you do, it is possible that your child may have it too. So, be wary of colds, fever and flu and other forms of infection to prevent passing it on to your child.

Breast problems
Your nipples may become sore and engorged because of too much suckling. Mastitis and fungal infections may occur. It is important that you clean your nipples every time you breastfeed to avoid such infections.

Feeding in public woes
Exposing your breast in public places can be very embarrassing. Even if you find a private breastfeeding spot, just letting your breast out without the privacy of your home can still be intimidating and awkward.

Leaking milk from your breast is a common problem, especially when it is really time for them to breastfeed. A baby’s cry can stimulate milk production and so having a wet shirt can be embarrassing too.

Night time breastfeeding
Babies who have been breastfed are more likely to wake up at night to feed. It can be stressful and tiresome for a mum who has not had a lot of sleep since the delivery.

No freedom
A mum who breastfeed is more likely to stay at home often. It would be impossible to leave the house because breastfeeding babies get hungry fast. Pumping of the milk can be a solution, but it can also be time-consuming and may not be enough for the baby’s consumption. This can also become a problem for working mothers who started out breastfeeding their babies. But when it is time to get back to work, breastfeeding would now be impossible. Pumping the milk, again, would not be sufficient for a whole day’s feeding.

These are some of the most common disadvantages of breastfeeding every mum encounters in her lifetime. But the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, for sure. What’s a little discomfort, when you can show all your love through breastfeeding? It is the ultimate bond between a mother and a child, disadvantages and all.


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