5 Quick Exercises Routines for Busy Moms


Whether you are a stay-at-home mum or a working mother, finding the time to exercise could be a bit challenging amid the daily tasks that you have at hand. But regular exercise — even those thirty minute routines– done three times a week, could greatly benefit mothers. These exercises relieve stress, promotes overall well-being, and gives any mother more energy to do the things she has to do for her family and for herself.

There are some quick fitness routines that even the busiest of moms could possibly squeeze in to their respective schedules. Below are some sample Exercise routines for busy moms:

  1. A 30-Minute Run Around the Neighborhood—If you are a morning person you can do this by waking up 45 minutes earlier than your usual wake-up time, if you cannot muster waking up earlier than your alarm time then you can schedule the run when the kids are in bed, and your husband is already home. Do a moderate run and then go fast as you can for a couple of minutes, and then return back to your normal pace to rev up your metabolism, and help burn calories faster.
  2. Youtube is your friend – If dancing seems to be a happy exercise for you then by all means download youtube videos that will guide you into doing Zumba, simple aerobics, or even hip-hop dance moves. A couple of minutes into this, and you will be sweating like you are in a sauna. You can squeeze this routine early in the morning, during the kids’ naptime, or after their bedtime.
  3. Routine Exercises – Research on the exercises you can do to help tone and shape-up in between your cardio days. Buy a dumbbell for your toning exercises, and a skipping rope to rev up your metabolism during your routine exercise day at home. You may include two to three sets of crunches, planks, push-ups, curl-ups, arm exercises, lateral raises, lunges, squats and the like.
  4. Play Sports. If your kids are big enough to play badminton or any sport, join them even for thirty minutes to get active. Badminton is really great in letting you break out a good sweat, but even table tennis or volleyball could do the trick as well.
  5. You may also want to do yoga exercises that can also help you calm your mind. Attend a class or two, or do your own internet research and then carry on at home.

Giving yourself time to exercise is not only a health investment, it is also a good way to de-stress, and care for yourself.


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