5 Fun Parent Child Bonding Activities


It is very important to spend a quality time with our children. Quality time doesn’t mean just spending it alongside with them but not having a contact of any sort. They don’t just need your physical presence, they most of all need your attention. So here are some activities to make your bonding more fun.

Interactive Games.
Interactive games can stimulate your child’s interest. However, you have to make sure that the game that you choose is something that your child is able to do either physically or mentally. If they see that they can’t accomplish it the tendency is that they would get frustrated and will no longer be interested with the activity that you are doing. Make sure that it’s always child-centered.

Take the Youngsters on a Date.
Bring them to their favorite ice cream parlor, they’d love it for sure. It will create desirable memories, and you can also do it for a purpose of exchanging stories with them. You can also use this opportunity to openly communicate with them about anything. They will find it more comfortable to speak up and express the feeling that they’ve been keeping. In this way, you’ll get to know more about your children.

Make Gardening an Exciting Activity.
Take those green thumbs out and plant some seeds, or perhaps water the existing ones. You can also incorporate this activity with a discussion to your children about environmental awareness or how to live healthily or anything of that sort. Not only that they will learn how to be responsible with their surroundings, but you are indeed spending a quality time with them. It will be a great experience for your children.

Take Them into a Road Trip and or a Camp-Out
This is also one of the most exciting activities that you and your children can enjoy. You can bring them to a destination that they have never been into, that would be so much fun. It is also a perfect time for children to take a break from school. A day wherein they won’t have to worry about anything such as homework, quizzes or exams. The best thing, of course, is they can also participate to activities such as pitching of the tent, fishing, and others.

Read Them Their Favorite Bedtime Story.
It may be typical, but nothing beats this old-fashioned parent-child bonding. Just remember when you were a kid, how a simple bedtime reading gives you comfort and excitement, and as a bonus, a good night’s sleep. In this activity, the children’s imagination is being stimulated developing their sense of response and or approach towards a situation. A suggestion to make it more fun is not telling them the ending of the story (or it doesn’t matter if they already knew it), and then asking them what do they think is a better ending for it. They will surely love sharing their thoughts about it.

Bonding with your kids doesn’t have to be expensive, remember what’s important is still the quality of the time that you spend with your children.


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