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Interactive games help kids learn the fun and engaging way! Browse our consolidated list of sites that provide free preschool games that give kids the coolest ways to learn the lessons teachers say are most important in preschool, like counting numbers and recognising letters of the alphabet. There are some excellent educational online preschool songs and videos kids love relate to healthy foods, math, English, vowel sounds, consonants, numbers, letters, shapes and days of the week. Preschools are incorporating fun online games, songs and videos into their regular curricula as playing songs and watching videos online provides the results teachers want for their students. And best of all, kids have fun while learning!


Math games

Addition games
Subtraction games
Multiplication games
Division games
Math blaster
Math blaster 2
Math blaster zapper
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Math games @ knowledge adventure
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English games

Learn English for Kids
Letters and spelling
Reading games

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Vocabulary games
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Word games
Literature games

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Word games
Reading games
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Pre school games

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