Singapore education system tops global ranking

5 reasons Singapore education system tops global ranking



Singapore contains an estimated number of 365 schools and the country has been one of the top nations in the last decade known for an ideal education system. It has produced an exemplary model that has taken the world by surprise. Besides that, the country is also producing some brilliant text course books that are distributed in different countries around the world. So, what exactly are the teachers doing in the classrooms? Is it something special? Can this method be transferred to other countries for a better educational progress?

We found 5 possible reasons why Singapore education system tops the global ranking:

Teachers Follow a Procedure
One of the major reasons behind the success of education in Singapore is that there is certain curriculum that is followed all over the country. The teachers are given the goal to complete the curriculum so the students can prepare for the examination when the semester ends.

The lessons are mostly dominated by teachers, meaning that there is less or no time for discussion and teachers focus more on delivering the lecture. The teachers do not believe in excessive commutation with students, like it is followed in the west. They rely more on the answers received by the students rather on their understanding level.

Uniform Curriculum
There is a single curriculum followed by the whole country. Perhaps this is the major reason behind their success. Unlike some countries where there are different curriculums, Singapore has provided the same to every school in the country. So, whether rich or poor, everyone gets the same standard of education.

Quality of Text books
One of the important reasons behind educational prosperity in Singapore is the quality of text books. They are very simplified and made in a way that the students find it easier to understand any topic. This is perhaps the reason why so many countries are importing these books from Singapore.

Quality Pre-School Education
One of the distinctive qualities of education in Singapore is the program that is followed in kindergartens. Curriculum by the name of NEL (Nurturing Early Learners) provides a perfect platform to the kids between the ages of 4 to 6. The program enables kids to develop self-confidence and social-skills to excel in the society when they grow up.

Special Purpose Schools
A lot of students who find it difficult to learn in a normal school due to mental or physical illness have a great alternative. Although, most school have teachers who are experienced enough to deal with different kind of students, but if a child is still finding it difficult, he can join schools that provide special focus. The Singaporean government has made sure that even the kids who can’t keep up with the mainstream education, should not feel left out.

Schools and universities play a vital role in the development of a society and this is why Singapore, with its exceptional education system, has become done extremely well as a country.


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