Kids in Kansas City running virtual city, learning about financial responsibility


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This summer, the kids in Kansas City are taking their summer school program differently from the usual. They get to learn about running a virtual city. The school is getting them to start to learn financial responsibility at the early age.

President and CEO for Junior Achievement of Middle America, Megan Sturges said, “We want to help them understand the basic concepts of banking, saving, spending, living off of a budget, what’s a need versus want.” This indeed, will help the kids when they became adults, to achieve economic literacy and financial freedom.

The kids get to have a job, get paid in cash or checks and they use the money to buy things they want and need. Hannah, who is 10-year-old, gets to “work” as a mayor of Blue Spring’s School of Economics virtual city, together with her others 500 elementary school mates from across the metro, learning how to earn, save and spend money through More than Money program, as reported by KSHB.

“I think it’s important so when you get older you know what to do because you learned it when you were a kid,” said the 10-year-old Hannah.

Not a bad idea to have such a program for kids nowadays.

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