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3 Reasons Why Foreign Language Learning Is Good For Your Kids


Every parent wants their child to do well, but very few of them go one step ahead of school and give them something new to learn. Mostly, they are pretty satisfied with their kids studying subjects like science, math, business studies etc. Languages play a vital role in developing a good career. There are very few people, who understand how important it is to learn foreign languages, the rest just take them for granted. Making your kids learn foreign language is a lot beneficial than you think.

If you aren’t aware yet, below we listed 3 reasons why foreign language learning is beneficial for your kid.

Gives Them Exposure
There are a large number of benefits of teaching your kids foreign languages; one of the most important of them all is the increase of exposure. Learning foreign languages exposes your child different cultures. They get to know about values, culture and traditions. It may seem like they are only learning the language; but in fact, they are learning a lot more. When kids learn new languages, it does not only motivate them to learn about the places where they belong, it also motivates them to learn about their culture. This way they get a lot of exposure and they get to know more about the world. For example, if your kid can speak Japanese, he would be exposed to a new group of people. He would be able to communicate with them and find more about their culture.

More Employment Opportunities
One of the best things about learning a foreign language is it could be extremely beneficial for your kid’s future. Countries like Japan and Germany are economic giants with tons of employment opportunities, but not a lot of people around the world can speak their languages and because of which they miss on great employment opportunities. Similarly, countries like china and Italy face the similar problem. Also, there are a large number of global airlines and embassies that hire people who can speak more than two or three languages. This is why it is extremely important to encourage to your kids to learn different languages.

Helps a Great Deal While Travelling
Families that travel a lot know that trips can get very expensive. Not just because you have to pay for the tickets and hotel rooms, but the transportation cost can also cost a great deal. According to several reports, this is usually because the travellers do not understand the native language, and taxi drivers could mislead them and charge them a lot. This is where your kids come in; you can travel to different countries without worrying about getting cheated on. They can communicate with the locals and find out about basic cost of public transport and other important things.

Teaching your kids foreign languages could prove to be extremely beneficial. It puts them on a path where they are going to be successful eventually. German, Spanish or French, it doesn’t matter, you just have to make sure you choose a language to learn.


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